Sunday 28 August 2011


1. What's your name?
They call me Sarah.

2. Your favorite food?
Okay so I have this weird thing when I feel bad if I call only one thing my favorite food. I feel like im excluding the other foods haha. But i do enjoy eating cupcakes, strawberries, mashed potatos, reese cups, and alot of other fruits.

3. You could have any persons closet in the world. Who's?
I would say Lauren Conrad for sure because she is my style icon. I dont think I have ever seen her in an outfit I dont like. I also like the way Whitney Port dresses too. Its so chic. Lemme think... I would also say Hilary Duff or Taylor swift because they both dress very feminine and I love that. Plus have you seen how much LV Hilary has? Its awesome. And taylors dress collection is amazing.

4. Favorite Movie?
The Notebook. Enough Said.

5. Favorite TV Show?
The City. Two and a half men. The Big Bang Theory. Keeping up with the Kardashians.

6. You can have any guy in the world right now. Who?
I would have to say Prince from england. The older one. I dont remember his name. He is sexy and rich :P

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  1. Where did you get your Duo Fiber/Duo Fibre brushes?